Pacific Board Culture - Who is Running this anyhow?

Jerret Vanstone


President and Founder, Hometown Loyal

  • DIY Specialist, handy with a sledgehammer
  • Skates, surfs, snowboards for 25 years, still sucks
  • Really enjoys tattoos
  • Teenage twins already better than him at skating
  • Fakie Tres, Boneless, Backside Flip, Smith Grinds
  • Mullen, Margera, Koston, Thomas

Rachel Aube


  • Helps run things, does paperwork, knows stuff
  • Rides 9.75's, can't go fakie
  • Loves MCA, Punk Rock, Graffiti and Animals
  • From Hamilton, ON, moved to BC, UVic Grad
  • Airwalks,  Boneless, Wall Rides, Late Shuvs, Impossibles, No Comply 
  • Natas, Treece, Saiz, Daewon, Vallely, Jackson

this is how we do the do

Shred Sleds

We provide new and used skateboards, snowboards, surfboards and equipment to anyone in need.

Express Yourself

What are you creating? Do you like graffiti, painting, drawing, music or photography? Whatever you are into, we back it. We provide a venue and financial support for programs supporting arts and culture development.

Get Outside

Tired of video games and Snapchat? We provide recreational and community building activities for youth on Vancouver Island.